A weekend full-immersion workshop with



3 Saturday 13th

& Sunday 14st 4

January 2018

10:30am - 4:30pm both days
@ Unit 4

20-26 Round Hill Street Brighton East Sussex BN2 3RG

£90 for both days
(Limited space, prebooking essential)


‘The practical application of humanistic/yoga principles to the physical practice of yoga.’

This workshop is suitable for enthusiastic bodyworkers and body-mind workers of all traditions, yoga students and teachers looking for depth.

Cost for the weekend is £90
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NB. This weekend serves as an introductory workshop to the Acquaviva Yoga and Teacher Development Short Courses running in 2018. Short courses in Brighton run as a series of 4- and 6-weekend full-immersion workshops over the year. This workshop is the first of the next 6-series running from January - June 2018. It is unlikely that there will be any remaining space on this particular course, but you can apply here to make sure you are registered for the next one (September 2018)

Saturday will be led by the renowned Pete Blackaby: Yoga Teacher, Osteopath, Naturopath & Author of 'Intelligent Yoga', Pete was the first of Marc's significant teachers when he came back to yoga as an adult. Pete will be sharing his highly investigative look functional movement within the context of yoga practice. His interest in humanistic principles make straight forward common-sense of this 'revolution' that is currently going on in Yoga.

"Yoga is a broad church, spanning many styles and belief systems. The approach I am working with at the moment has its roots in a humanistic philosophy. To understand as clearly as one can the rationale for yoga practice, and then to encourage practice with attentive curiosity. So that practice becomes your own, and you grow to be your own teacher." "I've also taken issue with some of the modern asanas than I feel may cause harm if practiced regularly. Many of these asanas are part of the lexicon of modern yoga, and have remained un-critiqued for over 50yrs. It is time to re-evaluate, and that is what I have started in 'intelligent yoga'.

On Sunday Marc will be leading a practical inquiry into the direct application of yoga principles to practice.

Marc's approach is sourced in the same principles of self-inquiry and truth-seeking as Pete's, but in his own yoga journey within the 'Scaravelli-inspired' approach, he realise that the 'revolution' in yoga that Vanda Scaravelli began was simply an adherence to rather obvious principles (humanistic/yoga/common-sense) in the direct approach to a posture. The achievement of the posture itself is not it. The yoga arises when conflict is released in the approach to something like a yoga posture.

There will be some reference to and questioning of the meaning of the first few of Patanjali's sutras as well as an investigation into the direct application of these things to physical practice (including a deeper look and possible re-interpretation of the Yamas and Niyamas), but this will involve plenty of direct mat-time in guided exploration.

For those interested in an intensive full-immersion short Course, we run Yoga and Teacher Development Courses. Four-six weekends over four-six months, structured to cover all main aspects of practice, all the major relationships of the body, and following Marc's proprietry understanding of 'Creating the Conditions©'. The next intake for Yoga Development Courses will be September 2018. Click here to apply

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13th & 14th January 2018

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