Accreditation Certification & Insurance

AVYwebcertTo qualify for the AcquaViva Certified Diploma,

... you will need to attend a minimum number of contact hours, divided appropriately between module weekends, private tuition and one full immersion retreat.

You will also need to submit all coursework to the School standard, and gain sufficient 'student teaching' experience over your attendance of the course. But If you don't wish to become accredited by the School, you don't need to complete the coursework assignments.

Should you change your mind at a later date, you may do so and submit the appropriate assignments for feedback and assessment by the course facilitators.

Any misunderstandings or gaps highlighted by coursework will be covered in 121 sessions or workshop time, with assistance by the teachers until participants have gained all that is required to teach safely, effectively and from the authenticiy of their own direct understanding.

Students can present course-work in a manner that suits their pariticular learning and presentation styles, but moreover they are supported in developing their own personal authentic approach to sharing the work, within the safety and the efficacy that the course content provides.

For those wish to enter unrestricted teaching before meeting the 500 hr requirements of the course, there is also an option of asking us for a 250 hr Certificate of Attendance.
This is freely avaialable to you from 250 hrs contact hours onwards, although this must include a minimum of 80 hours of teacher development (6 weekends) and a 7-day full immersion intensive week.

This is accepted by the IYN along with an appropriately filled in application form so that you can be insured as a registered teacher under their membership (if this is your choice we can assist you in applying for this).

We consider accreditation by the School to be the highest of accolades.
(And the current teachers are a testimony to that).item3

Your Investment

For tuition over a one week full immersion intensive retreat** (35 - 40 contact hours):
Cost: £395
** Food/ accommodation /travel costs not included.

These retreats are avaialble to any AcquaViva students, past or present, that wish to immerse for a week... The structure of an intensive week is designed to cover the wholeness of practice, so each week can be considered as a practical consolidation of all modules, within the overall themes and practices of that week.

Attendance on one of these weeks is required for completion of 500hr Diploma certification (see 'Course Venues and Dates').
These retreats are ony for people that are familiar with the work - they will be either AcquaViva graduates, long term students, or those currently on one of the modular courses. There are usually two intensive retreats per year for AcquaViva members to choose from: one on the Isle of Wight in the summer, and the other at in Sabina, Italy in the autumn. To make sure of the best experience, numbers for each retreat is restricted appropriately.

There is also space for for partners that would like to come and enjoy the atmosphere and gorgeous food without taking part in the yoga. Intensives are so-named appropriately, (classes early morning, workshops late morning and late afternoon, with an afternoon off mid-week), so non-participating partners will need to be happy to occupy themselves whilst you are at the yoga.

After successful application (for any version of the modular course you wish to commit to), a deposit of £495 is required to secure your place. The main thing we are looking for is a commitment to the discovery and depth of the work, so please contact Abigail Peck if you need other payment/attendance options.

Who we are 

Who we are 

Who we are 

Who we are 

Foundation and Immersion modular courses ....

For attendance on a 4 or 6 weekend short course, including access to workshop videos, mentoring support from AcquaViva Graduate Teachers throughout, and private skype tuition with course leaders between workshops

Cost: 4 weekend short course (mods 1-4) ~ £599
6 weekend immersion (mods 1-6) ~ £897
(Costs may be paid by instalments)

For attendance on a 10 weekend foundation course, including access to workshop videos, mentoring support and private skype tuition with course leaders in between workshops (approx. 140- 150 contact hours):
Cost: £1,495
(Payable by instalments)

For those that wish to deepen understanding behind the approach, or to share the work with others ~ the Teacher Development phase ...

For the 500 hr diploma offered by the school, you need to attend a minimum of 22 modular weekends in total, which includes the 10 foundation weekends . There is a minimum requirement total of 360 direct contact hours on workshops and with 121 support.

Attendance on a further 12 weekends, including access to workshop videos, and full access to the expanding AcquaViva online library of resources - audio classes, audio-visual tools, notes and homestudy/practice guidelines. Also includes ongoing private tuition with Marc, and AcquaViva graduate teacher mentoring support in between workshops: (a further 175-190 contact hours):
Cost: £1,795
(Payable by instalments)

Other possible outgoings

A Computer with a webcam (and a reasonably good internet connection):
The online Resources (video recordings of workshops, audio classes etc...) requires that you have your own ongoing internet access. Also, Marc runs most of his private sessions via Skype (which has surprising advantages), unless of course you can get to Hove for the appropriate time to see him in person. Some of the current and past AcquaViva graduates still use Skype to keep in touch with each other and also to do their own private teaching around the world. And having your 'yoga sister/brother' on the other end of a skype call is more valuable than you might imagine. So good internet access is important. You will also need some way to record your own practice/teaching, and a webcam/laptop is usually good enough for this.

A 3D interactive anatomy program (if you are doing the 500 hr Diploma or just if you are interested in the anatomy):
Marc currently uses Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas 2 (google search and you will find it ~ £30). This will be a very valuable tool for for the completion phase of the course... if you enjoy and are interested in anatomy you may wish to have this program avaialable throughout.

I am not generally a fan of 'understanding' anatomy as it is usually presented ... - The old anatomical model of 'agonist/antagonist' actions is increasingly understood to be entirely inaccurate as model of actual functional movement, and has led to a great deal of misdirection in body work. However, as a tool for visualising
your direct experience, a 3-dimensional model of the inner workings of the body can be invaluable." ~ Marc Woolford.




A plastic Skeleton (useful for any body workers):
If you have an articulated skeleton at home, it will be an extremely useful hands-on tool for home study, as well as help you develop your understanding of joint surfaces, structural support, visualisation and problem solving skills in hands-on situations. You can usually get a cheap one on ebay for around £100, and really, cheaper is better, because you learn the most about the joints you become interested in by undoing all the screws and wires and putting it back together yourself...

Accommodation/food/travel: For those of you travelling far enough to need accommodation, there are local guest houses and possible flat shares available. This is usually organised between the students. Those of you living nearby with appropriate space, might want to consider offering a bed (or something makeshift) for other students, perhaps for a nominal amount to cover heating costs etc.. Abigail is happy to coordinate accommodation plans if needed.

Intensive Retreat accommodation/food costs:
Intensive retreats ar put on twice/year and are run by Marc Woolford and Abigail Peck. There is one held on the Isle of Wight in the summer months (Sophy Hoare is usually invited to guest teach) and the other is held in Sabina in Italy (to which Diane Long is invited).
The benefits of a total immersion week are immeasurable which is why attendance on one is required for the 500 hr diploma. Tuition on one of these weeks is included in the full course price,
but accommodation and food is not. (Speak to Abigail about options)
Full immersion intensives are open to anyone that is attending AcquaViva workshops with priority of place going to those committing to the full course. It is also open to Marc's previous long-standing students and graduates that wish to recapture the unique full immersion experience (space permitting).

Suggested Reading List

Awakening the Spine – Vanda Scaravelli
Intelligent Yoga - Peter Blackaby
Yoga Practise Handbook - Cloe Freemantle
Breath, The Essence of Yoga - Sandra Sabatini
The Heart of Yoga - Deiskachar
The Bhagavad Gita - translated by Winthrop Sargent
Patanjali's Yoga Sutras - translated by Swami Hariharananda Aranya
Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Anatomy of Movement -Blandine Calais-Germain
Job's Body - Deane Juhan Letting go of the Person You Used to Be - Lama Surya Das



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