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What to Expect ~ the Benefits


"Practice transforms us ... We need to eat less, because we assimilate more and therefore there is a loss of unnecessary weight. We become more beautiful, our faces change and our walk gains in elasticity. more...

About the Teachers


Course workshops are generally facilitated by Marc J. Acquaviva and assisted by Abigail Peck with regular teaching and hands-on support from previous AcquaViva graduates that are continuing to expand their yoga and teaching experience, sharing their exceptional skills with new students of the Course.

We also build workshops into the course with Marc's most significant teachers, such as Pete Blackaby, Diane Long and Sophy Hoare. more...

The Philosophy of the School


The baseline intention behind the Course is to support each individual participant in their personal journey towards liberating and embodying their essential selves through Yoga.

This way, each teacher that comes out of the school will be entirely authentic in their teaching... more...

About the Course


To Maintain the highest quality of attention and support...
course workshops are restricted to small groups. And the modular structuring of the courses means that you can apply at any time and join as soon as a space becomes available.

Who is this for?


The AcquaViva training is a deeply enriching process for anyone interested in exploring the body-mind relationship and its potential for an ever-expanding quality of life ... more...

About 'Scaravelli inspired' Yoga


The basic premise behind 'Scaravelli inspired yoga' is that you let go of tension into the earth, and in that let-go there is a responsive wave of release that travels from the ground up through the entire body and spine away from the ground that continues to support you... more...

'Why do I practice?'

'Where I started from was extricating myself from the myriad of pains and difficulties that came with a scoliotic postural habit, but the yoga has given me so much more than mere relief from pain and functional difficulty ... I practice with the simple intent of removing the conflict in my actions... What does that achieve? 

Well, when I become less conflicted in my actions, my body creates less resistance to movement, so I gain better range and simplicity of function...but that is not WHY I practice...

 Here is the REASON I practice : I do it because in actually achieving moments of true non-conflict with the spine, there is immense direct sensation of physical PLEASURE that surges up through my spine and out through my bones and body into space... This is actually WHY I practice... I would practice this even if there was no benefits to it whatsoever and even if it made me ill to do so.

However, I also notice that after this experience, I am brighter, lighter, kinder, a little more present to the world, and this seems to agree with the idea of yoga ... and I have more energy; for life, for work, for my daughter, my garden and other things that become infused with this thing that feels like new life-force moving through me, but perhaps could just be called good health. Real Yoga is direct, it is organic not contrived, it is experienced directly not imagined, it should fully expose you in the strength of your own vulnerability, not hide you behind a veil of control.

... The older I get the more passion I find for the power and simplicity of this practice of self-non-violence in its true meaning... And the beauty of it is that it can be instantaneous - we are dealing with revealing nature, so it is perfectly possible for a beginner to have as deep an experience as a seasoned pro... in fact, these layers that need peeling off goes so deep, that there is no end to the number of times you can do it... there is no end to the number of times you can have the experience.

 .... So, whatever your previous experience, If you want to dive deep into the yoga, come and join me on one of my events or courses... because my other most favourite thing to do, is to share this experience with others..'

~ Marc J Aquaviva (aka Marc Woolford).  



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